Our staff

What a team!

Meet the staff who are there to ensure you get the most pleasure and comfort on your outing.

AQVA hires 6 full-time sailing instructors, one coordinator  and one manager every summer. With the exception of the manager, all the staff are full-time students studying a variety of disciplines including education, nursing, business and occupational therapy. Their common link is their passion for the sport of sailing and their desire to share sailing with everyone.

All of our sailing instructors are certified by Sail Canada.  Their certification includes not only courses on how to teach sailing but also boat rescue and first-aid training.  In addition they have also taken the Sail Canada "Coaching Sailors with a Disability" course.

TEAM 2017

  Martina - Manager
  Véronique - Head instructor
  Myriam - Coordinator
 Katherine - Instructor
  Laurence - Instructor & race coach
  Chloé - Instructor
  Claire- Instructor
  Saskia - Instructor
  Elliot - Instructor