First sail

What to expect


You will be given an appointment for an evaluation before your first sail, usually half an hour before your scheduled sailing time.  A trained member of the AQVA staff will ask you for information about your abilities and disabilities as well as any medical conditions that we should be aware of.  The information gathered will be used to determine the best way we can meet your needs, more specifically how you will:

  • Get on and off the dock
  • Get in and out of the boat
  • Be safely & securely seated in the boat
  • Control the boat

This information is kept on file so that each time you come to sail your instructor will have whatever equipment you might need ready for you.

Can I bring a friend or  family member?

Friends or family members are welcome to accompany you to the sailing club however they will not be able to sail with you.  While you're sailing they can wait on the deck of the club - or by the waters edge where they can see you out on the water.