AQVA’s activities are volunteer intensive. It just wouldn’t happen without all of our volunteers who help us with every aspect of running a successful and safe sailing program. With your help we can all make the sport and recreation of sailing accessible to those that otherwise wouldn’t be able to sail. You will make new friends, experience memorable moments and most of all, you will be greatly appreciated!

Safety and security: The safety and security of the AQVA members and volunteers is important to us. First Aid knowledge and Disability Awareness are welcome. Due to the special circumstances of our members, a security and reference check may be performed on new volunteers.
Liability and insurance: AQVA carries a $5,000,000 General Liability insurance. As in most leisure activities there is a degree of risk involved - physical exertion and being near the water. All participants are required to complete and sign a Release and Waiver of Liability.

 Volunteer on the water

In order to maximize the number of sailing outings we offer each season we appreciate the time offered to us by experienced sailors who serve as companions to accompany sailors on their outings in addition to our instructors.  

And our Coupe du Québec regatta would not be possible without the experienced racers who share their knowledge on the water with the Silver fleet sailors.

Extra help is also needed on the water for our race team's training sessions.

Volunteer on shore

Our boats are used seven days a week during the sailing season so it's not surprising that they need some repairs from time to time.  Sailors with experience in boat maintenance and repairs are very important volunteers for us.

We also greatly appreciate volunteers who help us on the dock with transferring sailors in and out of the boats, especially during our Coupe du Québec regatta.  AQVA provides training for people who are interested in helping us this way.  It is also one of the most rewarding volunteer activities because you get to see the smiles on the sailors' faces!

Some of our volunteers help at our race training sessions with rigging and derigging the boats so that the sailors can maximize their time on the water as well as time spent with the coach for the debriefs. 

Volunteer behind the scenes

AQVA requires administrative help throughout the year for its many organizational needs such as translation and fundraising.  We also need volunteers to help the race team when traveling to out-of-town regattas and to assist with registration and meals during the regattas we host.  And our social events could not be a success without the contributions of our volunteers!

See our Volunteer manual and guides for more information.